About Boudoir

I believe a boudoir photo shoot is something every woman should do once in her life and whilst the thought of it may be daunting the experience of it is fun, liberating and completely transformative!  I can vouch for it myself because I’ve had one that you can read about here.

So who books a boudoir shoot?  Brides for their husbands to be, women who have something to celebrate or simply seeking to enliven their self esteem.  I know the thought of it is probably completely daunting, but after the first few minutes you will realise that it’s actually a fun and liberating experience. In fact, you may even want to repeat it!

Prior to the shoot we will discuss your vision and agree on a location which may be in one of the many beautiful hotel rooms in Turks & Caicos, your own surroundings or a secluded beach.

The session lasts about four hours which includes some time for hair and makeup with a professional artist.  I personally believe that hair and makeup is essential for a boudoir shoot and I guarantee you will agree once you experience the pampering as well as seeing your final images.

I do not work to a formula and allow both your personality and vision for the shoot to direct how we work together.  I simply love what I do and each time I finish a boudoir session I feel blessed to witness the transformation that takes place for each women.

If you are interested in more information on what to expect, how to prepare and pricing you can contact me via the website contact form or sent me an email.  No question is too silly and I would genuinely like to offer you something that will bring your life an abundance of love.

You can also take a look at the Boudoir blog category of this website and see some of the shoots I’ve been given permission to share.


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