Abrielle & Chuma | baby portrait photography | Lusaka, Zambia | Marisa Findlay | Turks & Caicos Lifestyle Portrait & Boudoir Photographer

Abrielle & Chuma | baby portrait photography | Lusaka, Zambia

August 31, 2012  |  Newborn, Portrait  |  ,  |  Share

It’s such an honour for me when complete strangers trust me enough to come to their home and allow me to photograph their precious little newborn.  To me, a home with a newborn is such a sacred space and full of so much new and fresh energy. Since I had my own daughter 16 months ago I now have so much appreciation for the elation the mother is feeling as well as the new found appreciation of my own mother. In my portraits I seek to capture these emotions – this pure love that is so powerful.

Meet the simply perfect little Abrielle, with her charming big brother Chuma and super zen mummy Maureen (unfortunately her daddy wasn’t able to make it back from work in time for the photoshoot). Just 5 weeks old and this young lady looks like she’s not going to miss a thing. I arrived at her home to find her sleeping but once she woke up to have an outfit change she wanted in on the action and refused sleep until the very end of the photo shoot. Maureen wanted some nude shots of Abrielle and true to form, she pooed and weed just as the nappy came off! Oh the joys of newborn photography :-)

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