Ayurvedic Hen Retreat | Koru Ayurveda & Yoga | Canterbury, Kent | Marisa Findlay | Turks & Caicos Lifestyle Portrait & Boudoir Photographer

Ayurvedic Hen Retreat | Koru Ayurveda & Yoga | Canterbury, Kent

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Shortly after arriving in the UK earlier this month, I went on the most nourishing and rejuvenating hen weekend with a group of dear friends to the garden of England, Kent.  Whilst in Turks & Caicos I trawled the internet looking for the perfect tranquil countryside cottage that could host our small gathering and we struck luck with The Bakery on the outskirts of Canterbury.  I knew that I wanted my hen to be a nourishing retreat, full of inspiring conversations and sharing that would leave us all rejuvenated.

Fortunately for me, Dot Bowen at Koru Ayurveda is a friend of mine and together we came up with a hen retreat concept that ticked all of the boxes that I was looking for with the main focus being around eating wholesome Ayurvedic food.  On an early Friday summers evening, 5 of us headed to Kent, with the car filled with all sorts of goodies for the weekend.  The intention was that each of us would share something that we are passionate about over the weekend for all of us to engage in and enjoy.

The Bakery is located on a quiet country lane right next to an apple orchard and the sight of the little quaint cottage as we pulled up in the car at sunset was enough to jump start the unwinding process for our dreary bodies.  The cottage has been lovingly restored by it’s owners from it’s original bakery and has definitely been set up with foodies in mind, so we really did find the perfect spot. There were many beautiful moments during the weekend, all of which I haven’t documented, however some of them are here for you to enjoy in pictures.

The cooking workshop that Dot taught was fantastic!  We learnt about the basic principles of Ayurveda as well as what doshas are predominant in our bodies.  For the cooking part, which we were all involved in, we learnt how to make ghee along with some simple, yet delicious Ayurvedic recipies using beetroot, sweet potato, carrots, mung beans (my favourite!) and bucket loads of fresh herbs.  It was mouth wateringly good, in fact just reminiscing about it now my mouth is watering!  Dot teaches Ayurvedic cooking workshops and is based out of Lewes, however if you want to host a cooking workshop with friends in your home, she has a wealth of knowledge and love to be shared.  Not only that, but she also teaches Scaravelli inspired yoga, so you can have two treats in one…now can you see why I love her so much!?

After two nights away and a late departure on Sunday I felt very much loved and totally ready to go and get married!  It has reminded me of the importance of women gathering together as friends to share our gifts and empower each other to grow further.  There were tears, laughter and love.  I am so grateful for all that we shared and love that as we parted, we agreed to set the intention of making this an annual gathering.


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