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Bridal Boudoir | Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

I photographed this beautiful bride to be on the morning of her hen party in Brighton.  Her sister, who was organising the hen party, had arranged it as a gift from all of the bridesmaids.  June Egerton, our lovely hair and makeup artist, did an absolutely amazing job on the 1940s vintage look and as it turned out, also went on to do the bride’s hair & makeup at the wedding, so the shoot served as the perfect trial session.

Despite the early start, the girls arrived giggling and armed with bags of lingerie.  Give a woman an excuse to go shopping for lingerie and she arrives with bags full! Charged with the excitement of the day, we had bucket loads of fun and laughter on the shoot.  Once we’d wrapped up for the morning, the girls left on a real high ready to enjoy the rest of the entertainment for the day, which involved more vintage themed activities, one of them being burlesque dancing lessons in Brighton.  It really was the ultimate girl’s day out!

I absolutely loved photographing this shoot with the buzz of excitement for the upcoming wedding and knowing that they were being taken as a gift for the bride’s husband to be.  The picture at the very bottom shows the luxurious folio box that the boudoir images were presented in to be either framed or stored safely in private.  A precious moment in time capturing excitement, anticipation and fun!


  1. What a great idea! There must be so many occasions when the gift of a Boudoir shoot would be perfect…..from women friends to boyfriends to husbands, sisters and mothers to daughters……Thanks for sharing this Marisa!

    • There’s endless occasions! In fact, after having had one myself I wouldn’t mind doing one once a year! A lovely top up on self confidence and beautiful images to remind myself of the experience. Need I say more…

  2. Oh my and you see you can do it remember the convo on the beach on my photo shoot ha ha ha

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