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Cathy | maternity portraits | Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

May 1, 2013  |  Boudoir, Favourite, Portrait  |   |  Share

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Cathy at 38 weeks pregnant and her adorable little boy, Ty.  We started the shoot with some relaxed indoor photographs at my home studio and then took a short stroll down to the seafront to capture some candid moments of the two of them interacting. Cathy and I spoke about the images that she wanted and she was also very willing to try some poses, which at first she seemed apprehensive about, but as the shoot progressed she warmed to the idea.

My partner Ed very kindly looked after Ty and my daughter while Cathy had some boudoir shots on her own (see, the studio even comes with a daddy day care if necessary!).  It was hard to keep Ty out of the studio after a while as the kids were charging about the house so we suggested for him to take his clothes off like Mummy and with that precious childhood purity and lack of self consciousness, off they came! We got some beautiful shots of the two of them and I simply love the contrasting colours of their skin tones together.  The whole morning had lots of kisses and cuddles and I absolutely adored capturing the love between the two of them.


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