Cecily | newborn photography | Haslemere, Surrey | Marisa Findlay | Turks & Caicos Lifestyle Portrait & Boudoir Photographer

Cecily | newborn photography | Haslemere, Surrey

September 3, 2012  |  Newborn, Portrait  |  ,  |  Share

Last week I had the absolute honour of meeting 13 day old Cecily.  Cecily’s mum, Bethany is from the States and her mother, Sue was over for the arrival of her first grandchild.  Having been born in Zambia myself and having my baby is the UK I could really connect to Bethany’s story of being far away from family when one of the biggest events in life happens – a story that is common for so many women.  I came away from the shoot so humbled to have met and photographed beautiful little Cecily knowing that there are so many of her family members that would have loved to have been there to meet her.  It reminded me of the power of professional baby portraits and what they are able to capture.  They capture a precious moment in life with such clarity and detail that can be instantly shared with friends and loved ones.  I’ve written before about the honour I feel being invited into a newborn home and again I was reminded of how grateful I am for what I do.

Cecily particularly liked being held in the arms which I can completely understand after she had the unpleasant experience of antibiotics intravenously soon after she was born, so we worked with shots that made her feel safe and loved.  Thanks to the dummy, at one point she drifted off into the most beautiful restful sleep on the bed and we were able to get some beautiful moments with her Dad, Dan as well as a precious one of the three generations snuggled up on the bed.  Bethany had requested a shot of at least one of the 3 cats in the house with Cecily and I was delighted when I saw the photo opportunity present itself :-)

I’ve got my dates booked for my next trip to Zambia and will be available for photo shoots from 24 September to 24 October, 2012.  If you are expecting a newborn around that time please contact me to schedule in a photo shoot.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. A beautiful account of Cecily and family.


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