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Fine Art | Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

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If you’ve been following my work for a while, you will have seen that my recent focus has been to specialise in boudoir, or if you like, fine art nude.  I still haven’t found a word that fully describes what it is that I aim to offer a woman by photographing her in this way.  I do know that it’s an empowering experience for a woman, an opportunity for her to reconnect with femininity and sexuality, and helps create a shift in perspective of her desires and aspirations for life.

Our new home in Turks & Caicos is offering me the perfect location to photograph what moves me and makes me want to become a better photographer.  Here are some images that I have very fortunately been given permission to share with you a taste of what I am offering in a fine art session.

With every shoot, I love to meet with a woman first in order to get to know her better, understand her intentions for being photographed as well as get a visual idea of the way in which she would like to be artistically captured.  A nice glass of bubbles shared on a sofa is the ideal setting.  I believe we all have different feelings around what we are comfortable with, which areas we would like to be stretched in and ultimately our idea of what honouring the female figure looks like.  I have experienced a boudoir shoot, so I know what my reservations and apprehensions looked like prior to the shoot, which may be similar to yours.  I also know what the other side of the shoot looks like and I truly value the gift my photographer was able to offer me through the experience.

Before a shoot I send out a comprehensive list of ways to prepare to be photographed, both mentally and physically, to ensure that a woman gets the most out of the experience.  So with our initial chat enabling us to form a deeper connection and having an idea of what images we want to create, we are then both ready for the shoot.

The images in this blog post were captured in about an hour at the crack of dawn.  It’s an experience that you can easily manage before the school run and working day begins :-) There was no hair and makeup artist (though this is something that can be included) and we went armed with a mood board of inspiration for the feeling of liberation that we wanted to portray.

So what type of a woman would want to do such a shoot you may be asking…? My answer is every single woman can benefit.

You may be a mother looking to reconnect with yourself and seeking to experience empowerment, freedom or abandonment.  You may be going through a quarter life crisis, or a mid life crisis or a three quarter life crisis and seeking a radical shift.  A marriage or a divorce.  A pregnancy and marveling at your ever changing body.  It could be a calling for a career transition and you’re looking for some inspiration during this period of change.  Or you’ve been putting effort into physical fitness and want to celebrate this achievement.  It could be something you want to do more than once (maybe even every year) to document the incredible change that the body goes through as we grow in wisdom and life’s experiences.  Maybe you just want to be documented as you are now – whatever shape, size or age.  It could be something that scares the living daylights out of you, but something deep down inside of you knows that you want to do it and you’re looking for the right person with artistic vision that you can trust to guide you through the process.

When I show women their photo gallery, once the images have been edited, they are often amazed to see themselves through a different lens.  Aspects of their body that they may have taken for granted are honoured, celebrated and there’s definitely an added strut of confidence that they take into their lives.  It’s a magical moment and a huge sense of achievement.

I made the decision last year to stop using Photoshop to do skin softening or ‘tucking in’ parts of the body.  I want to photograph women in all their beauty, hourning and portraying this reality.  Posing, lighting and my creative eye I believe are sufficient.  I have a daughter and I want her to grow up loving her body and embracing every part of it.  Not feeling bad that she doesn’t look like the retouched women she sees in most fashion magazines.

Do you want to reconnect with what it feels like to run naked and carefree on a beach with the wild abandonment of a child?  I would like to offer you the chance to do that.  Please contact me and we can meet for a drink or a skype chat and talk about why you want to do the shoot and what you hope to get out of it.  It can truly be a life changing experience!

I’ll end with a beautiful quote by a boudoir photographer that I respect and admire, Christa Meola:

I cannot make any woman love herself.  I can only show her the beauty that I see.




  1. what beautiful photographs, you have captured much more than her beauty, there is a tranquility and peace to the photographs. I get what you are trying to say about nudity. I looked at the photographs after reading your write up. The thought that came into my head was “she is totally at one with nature.” Very empowering.

  2. Stunning. Love the simplicity of the photos.

  3. Took my time to look at your fine art pictures. absolutely beautiful. For me expressing beauty, freedom and nature. Lovely to the the both of you!

  4. Took my time to look at your fine art pictures. absolutely beautiful. For me i see expressing beauty, freedom and nature. Lovely to the the both of you!

  5. Thank you for all of the beautiful comments. It warms my heart that you can see it is an expression of beauty and freedom – art in it’s true form.

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