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Fine Art Portraits | Styled Shoot | Lusaka, Zambia

December 4, 2013  |  Boudoir, Fashion, Styled  |  , ,  |  Share

Through my quest to study the art of photographing women I became extremely excited a few months ago when my research ventured down the route of fine art photography.  I could see how my love of painting (which has sadly been shelved in a box full of paints and empty canvases since my daughter arrived) could be unleashed in the art of photography.

On a trip to Zambia this September I couldn’t resist the idyllic dry bush setting to play with some ideas that I had been mulling over in my mind.  So I took a trip to a local fabric store in search of some linen material and rustled through my parents house for some props.  I was a bit ambitious with my expectations for myself and attempted to photograph this fine art concept off the back end of a bush styled shoot (you’ll see more of that in future posts) which I organised in the space of about 24 hours – I did say I was ambitious.  The sun was preparing to set and while I was busy photographing another model I managed to rope Kunda, one of the model’s friends who was there for moral support, but now became my trusted assistant.  I asked her to drape Limpo, my lovely model’s, body with the linen cloth and gave her a few pins and a pair of scissors.  She was a genius and savior all at once!

The sun sets really fast in Zambia so we had a small window of time to work with and we did it!  Limpo was extremely obliging and willing to go along with a whole bunch of crazy poses that I threw at her.  I love what we came up with and can’t wait to play around with similar ideas in future.

If you would like to purchase one of these images they come in beautiful 20 x 20 inch framed prints.  I’m yet to add a shopping cart to this website, so in the mean time you can contact me directly for purchase.  I think they would go beautifully in a hotel, office space, salon or even in your own home.  If you are feeling adventurous, I would be happy to welcome commissions to do a portrait shoot in this style.

Model: Limpo Mun’gomba from Lemerge Agency
Outfit & assistant: Kunda Ruth Kakoma
Makeup: Chileshe Ngandu from Colorevolution Africa
Sponsorship:  Special thanks to a donation from Autoworld Limited which helped make the shoot possible


  1. Woooow I’m speechless,amazing

  2. Marisa!! Just thought I would see what your up to and I have to say i was blown away x Beautiful

  3. Oh wow that’s my cousin Limpo. These are great shots I must say. X

  4. OMG there are bloody amazing, you are amazing really weldone

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