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Isaya | newborn shoot | Hove, East Sussex

June 5, 2013  |  Newborn, Portrait  |   |  Share

Remember the beautiful maternity shoot I did of Cathy last month? Well I got to photograph gorgeous little Isaya last week and oh my goodness the cuddles were divine!

I first went to Cathy’s house when Isaya was 8 days old and we attempted a few portraits however we had a hungry baby on our hands so didn’t have much luck with the pictures we wanted to get, so we rescheduled which ended up being 2 weeks later, but it was worth it as this time I got the whole family for the shoot.  Isaya made the shoot so effortless this time, eating on que, sleeping on que and simply lying there being cute on que too :-)

This has been the first time that I’ve photographed both a maternity and newborn shoot for someone and I’ve loved the opportunity to tell this story. Having two takes at Isaya’s newborn shoot I’ve been amazed at how quickly babies grow and change in such a short space of time and can really appreciate the importance of capturing this precious moment. If you have a story that you would like me to tell in photographs please get in contact.

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  1. First of all congratulations to Cathy and her adorable family on the gorgeous addition to their family. He is lovely and is so perfect. Cathy looks great too, you would not think she just had a baba. I enjoyed the photos, and loved being a part of it all even though I do not know them. My favorite…….I do not know. I loved the one of Cathy looking over dads shoulder as he he enjoying hugging baba, then I liked the one of Cathy and Baba, the two boys! i cannot choose they are all amazing! The one of blurring everyone on the bed, and Baby is the focus, is for a magazine.Wonderful family pictures captured they will really treasure them later. Lovely and well done! x


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