Kutowa Designs Yatatu Collection | Fashion Shoot | Lusaka, Zambia | Marisa Findlay | Turks & Caicos Lifestyle Portrait & Boudoir Photographer

Kutowa Designs Yatatu Collection | Fashion Shoot | Lusaka, Zambia

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Silmesii Maboshe from Pencil Case Studios contacted me last year to find out whether I was interested in taking fashion images for Towani Clark’s new Yatatu Collection under her Kutowa Designs label.  I had never photographed fashion before and was delighted to have the opportunity to take on the challenge especially since I’m such a fan of the beautiful chitenge masterpieces that Towani creates.

In my mind I imagined a bright colourful collection of pieces photographed outdoors, however instead when I eventually met up with Towani in Lusaka my brief was gorgeous 1950s and 60s corporate/formal inspired black and white chitenge outfits photographed in a hair salon representing Urban Africa.  The natural light photographer in me was terrified at the brief especially when I heard that it was going to be in the new NC Hair Studio in Makeni Mall.  I imagined a hair dressers stuck in the middle of the shopping mall with not a flicker of natural light in sight.  I was assured that there was indeed natural light and to my relief when I did a quick recki of the hairdressers with Silumesii there was indeed a glorious large window to work with and the most beautiful African light.

Prior to the shoot I trawled the pages of Pinterest and Googled images of Vogue in order to put together a shoot inspiration list. The 3 beautiful models (Tracy, Limpo and Namwenda from Lemerge Agency) were great to work with and really appreciated the inspiration that I bought to the shoot as well as the coaching into poses and expressions that I gave them.  Silumesii very kindly did the behind the scenes images of the shoot and it was a great atmosphere of team work on the day.

I learnt bucket loads on this shoot and am so grateful to Towani and Silumesii for the opportunity to be a part of this collaboration.  I’m certain that this is the first of many more projects together where we will stretch ourselves creatively to show what Zambia is really capable of.  I’m delighted that The Bulletin & Record have featured this shoot in their February issue which you can pick up in a wide range of stores in Zambia or online here.


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  1. i love my white against the red wall…the prize photo is the one below where we all are….great shoot great pipo…thanks marisa :) <3

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