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Linda Compound | Vision Zambia | Lusaka, Zambia

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One of the things that I love about being a photographer is how having a camera in my hand serves as an entrance ticket into documenting such a wide variety of worlds.  One world that is very close to my heart is the people in the community of Linda Compound in Zambia whom I have met thanks to the work of VisionZambia.  While I was out in Zambia this September I took a series of new images for their social media and fundraising purposes which I’m sharing with you today.

There are approximately 35,000 people living in Linda Compound, a community 20km south of the Zambian capital, Lusaka, most of which are challenged by a lack of basic services including health care, education and access to water and sanitation.  The main mission of VisionZambia through a relationship of friends helping friends is:

  • the advancement of education and training
  • the relief of poverty through income generating activities which are self-sustaining
  • the preservation and protection of health

On my list of things to document, included the new business projects that the Linda Women’s Association are implementing, the Linda Open Community School and the under 5s weighing at the Light of Hope Health Clinic.  It’s always such a humbling experience for me going into the compound and I come away touched by the community, the simplicity of life, the ingenuity and deeply reflective.

Seeing a classroom filled with up to 70 students makes me grateful for the education that I had and am able to give to my daughter.  Children so hungry for knowledge, the chance of a future and being grateful to have this opportunity of education.  Watching women working together to provide for their families, using the little resources that they have to build and grow a business. A delivery of 2 day old chicks, for their new business venture, which if they nurture well will grow in 6 weeks time into plump chickens ready to sell at the market.  Sorting through donations of unwanted bras and clothes from the UK, which here are received with delight and excitement by the women at the possibilities of sales.  Seeing mothers bringing their children to the clinic for weighing and to receive the nutrient rich heps that will support their growth.  Humbled seeing the scales being a simple sling tied to a scale attached by a rope to the ceiling, a huge contrast to the sterile children’s clinic that I attended with my own daughter in the UK, yet still serving a purpose and gathering a community.

If you are interested in learning more about VisionZambia and feel called to become involved in some way, you can either visit their website, or access their annual report here.  If you have a project that you would like documented I would love to talk more so please do get in contact.







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  1. Beautiful, I love to see photos with realism in them.

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