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Nicoletta’s House of Tranquil Beauty | Profession Portraits | Lusaka, Zambia

I’ve know Nicoletta for probably close to twenty years now.  I remember about 10 years ago having a conversation with her where she told me that her dream was to become a beautician, yet she didn’t see how it was ever possible living in Zambia.  I was so excited for her because I knew that by her having that certainty of what she wanted to achieve, in time and with determination, she would get there.  Fast forward several years and Nicoletta did indeed set up her own beauty salon operating from one room in a hair dressers.  Fast forward to a couple of months ago and she has expanded this business and just opened Nicoletta’s House of Tranquil Beauty.

It is a beautiful home in a residential area in Roma, Lusaka that offers a wide range of beauty treatments from massages and fascials to luxurious manicures.  It was an honour to go and photograph Nicoletta’s dream come true.  I knew that with beautiful images showcasing the haven of tranquility and teaching Nicoletta how to set up a facebook and twitter account, through the magical powers of social media her business would continue to grow.

I spent just over an hour photographing the space and then another hour showing Nicoletta how to set up a facebook and twitter account.  Together we’ve uploaded her images to the Facebook page and over time this page will grow and transform as the business develops.  We’ve even had a little Skype technical training session since I’ve been back in the UK.  It’s been an exciting project for me to work on because I believe so strongly that through using beautiful images and establishing an active social media profile a business can grow.  My own business is evidence of that.  It’s been so exciting this past week watching people discovering the Facebook page and Nicoletta’s telephone has certainly been receiving lots more bookings – result!

I’m so excited for Nicoletta to see her dream come true.  It just shows that planting the seed of a dream really can grow and blossom into beautiful reality.  I will end with some inspiring words from Steve Jobs from his How to live before you die speech, “You can’t connect the dots looking forwards, you can only connect them looking backwards”.  When Nicoletta and I sat 10 years ago discussing her dreams she couldn’t connect the dots forwards to Nicoletta’s House of Tranquil beauty, but we’ve certainly had fun connecting them backwards to that moment.  If you’ve got a dream, go plant your seeds now ;-)  And if you’ve achieved your dream and would like me to help you share it with the world I’d love to hear from you.

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