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Photography Farm Workshop Part 2 | Rockabilly Anniversay Styled Shoot

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Earlier last month I wrote about my amazing experience at the Photography Farm in Septebmer and promised I would share more…  Well true to my word, here’s the very funky Rockabilly styled shoot with Lisa & Alex. They were married in Vegas last year and were very kindly willing to model for us farmers as part of a styled anniversary theme shoot with pink flamingos and an air streamer!  The air streamer can be hired from The Photo Emporium as a photo booth that prints the photos there and then (very cool indeed and endless moments of fun!).

I’ve included a few shots from the shoot as well as some of the behind the scenes – like Elbie (who was partly ready to model for our second photo shoot) reapplying Lisa’s makeup and one of my favourites, Kat taking pictures with her mobile surrounded by a bunch of massive lenses :-) It was an amazing experience to be part of two styled shoots back to back with so much thought and planning that had gone into them.  What Lisa & Kat have created with Photography Farm is a really fantastic learning environment to completely immerse yourself in photography. Next year they’re having their first ever Farm Week with such an incredible line up that if it wasn’t for a potential trip to Zambia for photography again I’d be coming up with lots of reasons of why I need to go!

The whole concept of an anniversary photo shoot was something I hadn’t considered before going to the Farm and I love the idea of it.  It doesn’t matter what year the anniversary is, it’s a moment to be celebrated.  A time to remember why those vows were ever said and leave the shoot feeling well and truly loved up – not to mention a bunch of beautiful images that captured those emotions. Lisa and Alex were great to work with and so playful with the concept.  Thank you everyone for such an amazing experience that I’m still digesting two months on…

Workshop by Photography Farm
Airstream supplied by The Photo Emporium
Set Styling ~ The Tea Set
Fashion Styling ~ Kat Williams  and Laura Kate O’Rourke
Dress & Accessories ~ The Couture Company
Hair & Make Up ~ Elbie Van Eeden
Headbands ~ Crown and Glory
Jewellery ~ Junk Jewels
Sunglasses ~ Rene Walrus
Dinosaur suit ~ Model’s Own

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