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Retreat Yoga & Wellness Studio | Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Helping create marketing images for start up businesses is something I get a real kick out of.  I aim to create images that paint a picture of that business, tell a story and conjure up certain thoughts and emotions when viewed by a potential client.

When Retreat Yoga & Wellness Studio‘s founders, Laura and Lindsay Mensen, asked me to help them create just this, I was thrilled!  Not only had they created a beautiful haven to retreat in Providenciales, that I got to photograph, but it also involved photographing one of my greatest passions, yoga! Double bonus :-)

They wanted a wide range of aspects of the business captured which involved scheduling shoots both during a hot yoga class as well as while the studio was nice and empty.  I’ve never sweated so much in a shoot than I did the day I photographed one of their hot yoga class!  I’ve had so much fun working on this assignment and getting to know these two lovely sisters better has been a real honour.  Their overall vision for the space is beautiful and I’m very excited to announce that next weekend I will be teaching my first Scaravelli inspired yoga workshop here :-)  For more details visit the Retreat website.

Some of photographs have made their way to the Summer 2015 issue of the Turks & Caicos Magazine along with an article I have written on the many different forms of yoga available on Providenciales.  You can read it here:

There are many ways to kick back and relax on Providenciales, whether you’re on holiday or call this place home.  Yoga is one of my favorites. Fortunately in Turks & Caicos, there are a wide variety of classes throughout each day and evening, with each instructor having a distinct gift for teaching that you’ll discover as you explore the studios (and beaches) all within close proximity.

As a yoga instructor, when I first arrived on island a year ago, I was curious to sample these classes. Through my trials I unintentionally tried something new, which not only challenged my humility, but opened my eyes to a different yoga experience – hot yoga. Skeptical at first as to why anyone would heat a room in order to practice yoga (especially in the Caribbean!), after attending several classes I now understand its growing popularity. If you haven’t tried it already, I encourage you to push your boundaries, or fears, and give it a go. It might just be the thing to really help you unwind and reach euphoria during your stay.

Hot yoga certainly isn’t for everyone; however, it’s also not as scary as many people think. The yoga classes are practiced in a heated room (roughly 85 degrees Fahrenheit, emulating the temperature in Calcutta, India, where the practice originated), which alongside the asanas (poses) help to stretch and strengthen various areas of the body. The practice brings vital balance and restores all systems to optimal health through the dynamic sequencing of asanas, creating a calming of the mind, a quieting of the brain’s chatter and a deep relaxation response. At any given point in the practice the option to rest in child’s pose (knees bent and head resting on the floor) is available, and the only thing stopping that is our own ego and resistance to humility.

Founding members of Retreat Yoga and Wellness Centre, Laura and Lindsay Mensen, are offering heated yoga classes in Providenciales. They teach from the Barkan method of hot yoga, which offers creativity in yoga sequencing and care in guiding students safely through their practice.

Lindsay suggests that some people don’t try hot yoga because of their fears about what will happen in the hot yoga class. So it might be worth asking yourself what’s stopping you from giving it a try. Both sisters create a beautifully safe space to explore the practice, and students often leave bubbling with energy, euphoria and a deep sense of peace.

If you’re new to yoga, a wonderful introduction to the subtleties of the practice can be found in a restorative or yin class, where poses are broken down and held for longer periods of time.  Once you’re comfortable here you can then explore more movement in a gentle flow class. There is something to be found for everyone in yoga once you find the right teacher and style and practice consistently enough to feel the benefits.

Some studios offer discounts on blocks of classes purchased together, or unlimited passes with group classes ranging in price from $15-$30. You can practice literally every day if you want.

Private lessons are also available both at local studios and most resorts, in the spa, on the beach or in your room.

Lying on a sun bed can be a wonderful way to switch off, but arguably the relaxed feeling in your body in savasana (corpse pose) at the end of a yoga class far exceeds this. By moving the body, stimulating blood flow and focusing on the breath, the mind becomes still and calm. So why not create your own yoga retreat on your next stay in Turks & Caicos and truly switch off?





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