UNZA | Zambia Jubilee 1950s Theme Fashion Shoot | Lusaka, Zambia | Marisa Findlay | Turks & Caicos Lifestyle Portrait & Boudoir Photographer

UNZA | Zambia Jubilee 1950s Theme Fashion Shoot | Lusaka, Zambia

February 25, 2015  |  Fashion  |  , , ,  |  Share

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition now, a styled fashion photo shoot each time I’m in Zambia, purely for the love of artistically representing the abundance of talent in Zambia.  My first fashion shoot was in 2013 with Kutowa Design’s Yatatu Collection photographed in a hair dressers.  Then a Zambian Bush Styled Shoot exploring some ideas bubbling around in my head.  In my 2014 trip to Zambia I was blown away with how the Zambian fashion industry had changed in the short space of a year.  The Zambia Fashion Council had emerged and their efforts to support and promote Zambian fashion are inspiring.

When they asked me to photograph a jubilee themed shoot in celebration of Zambia’s 50 years of independence I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of an exciting project.  During our brain storming session for the shoot in the very trendy hub of Foxdale Court, we played around with the idea of what freedom meant to us.  Education was a popular word for everyone and that led us to the idea of the University of Zambia (UNZA) as our location.  Step backwards in time 50 years and there you have the theme for the shoot!

Access to the campus proved to be a bit of a challenge, however that didn’t stop our enthusiasm for making it happen.  After a few important pieces of paper we had access to the library and permission to photograph around the pond.  The two designers KC Vaghela and Kutowa Design had the perfect 1950s inspired outfits for the shoot.  It all came together beautifully thanks to an amazing team and helpers for the day.

Models: Julia Ross, Tracy Mwanza, Goodfellow Munsaka, Khoza Changufu
Outfits: Kaajal Vaghela (KC Vaghela) and Towani Clarke (Kutowa Design)
Assistants: Catherine N. Fundafunda, Kaajal Vaghela, Kahyi Fundafunda and Key Fundafunda
Makeup: Nektaria Donta
UNZAZambianJubilee-P1 UNZAZambianJubilee-P2 UNZAZambianJubilee-P3 UNZAZambianJubilee-P4

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  1. Dr Bonface Fundafunda

    Just getting to grips with Zambia’s Fashion, Arts & Crafts scene and I love every bit if it! You guys are making ‘Proudly Zambian’ a reality in all aspects of our lives, and I for one will support you!

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