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VALA | Zambian Fashion House Opens in Lusaka

August 20, 2014  |  Profession  |  ,  |  Share

Thanks to the hard work and vision of Angelika Huwiler and Mu Mudenda, Zambia now has a beautiful space to house it’s range of fresh and vibrant fashion items being created by Zambian designers.  It is in the form of a very funky local design house located at Foxdale Court, in Roma, Lusaka.  To my delight, I got to photograph it last week prior to it’s official opening and it was like being a child let loose in a sweet shop :-)

Prior to the vision of VALA, a large majority of the most beautiful fashion creations being produced by Zambians were housed in the designers’ homes scattered across the country with minimal advertising of their existence.  So it was only if you happened to see something that you liked on someone that you knew it existed.  Then was the task of finding their home, which only a very keen customer would go out of their way to do.

VALA offers a beautiful space where these creations are artistically displayed and can be conveniently purchased off the shelf ranging from both men and women’s clothing, handbags and jewellery.  If a particular size or pattern of fabric is not in stock, one of the lovely shop assistants can take your measurements and place an order with the designer which takes as little as two weeks to be ready.  The shop itself is an experience to be enjoyed with it’s recycled tomatoe crates and bold range of colours.  To me it’s a brilliant idea and I’m so excited to see how the awareness of local designers and trends will be given a space to grow allowing Zambia to take it’s rightful place in the world fashion market.

In case you’re wondering where the name comes from, ‘vala’ in the local dialect of Chinyanja means ‘to wear’.

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