Zambian Bush Styled Shoot | Lusaka, Zambia | Marisa Findlay | Turks & Caicos Lifestyle Portrait & Boudoir Photographer

Zambian Bush Styled Shoot | Lusaka, Zambia

December 18, 2013  |  Fashion, Styled  |  ,  |  Share

I’m so excited to share this shoot with you which I did back in September of this year.  My aim was to get it featured in the Bulletin & Record magazine and I’m thrilled to say that not only have some of these images made their way to the pages of the December/January 2013 issue, but it’s made the front page :-)  The issue is out now and if you’re not in Zambia you can pick up a digital copy of this fresh and forward thinking magazine online.

I had it in my head that I wanted to photograph a bush styled shoot using fresh Zambian fashion and inject some inspiration to the photography world in Zambia.  I discovered Towani Clarke’s vibrant chitenge inspired outfits about a year ago with her Kutowa Design label so I already knew that I wanted to use some of her outfits and was thrilled that she was keen to collaborate not only on this shoot, but on another one too (there will be more on that one next year)…  While I was in Zambia I stumbled upon Kapasa Musonda’s Mangishi Love label while reading an old copy of an inflight magazine and was blown away by what she is doing with her contemporary designs.  I picked up the phone and called her number and to my luck she was willing to hand over a beautiful array of the most gorgeous outfits and the coolest pair of chitenge fabric shoes I’ve ever seen.

I loved the challenge of putting the shoot together, the willingness of everyone that was involved and seeing my ideas coming to life. Thanks to the help of Webby, I loaded a pickup full of props and found a beautiful patch of bush to play around with my ideas.  On my next trip to Zambia I would love to do something similar, however this time I will definitely welcome a team of people wanting to collaborate with the organising and running of the shoot because trying to do it on my own was no easy feat!

Massive thanks and gratitude to my amazing team!

Models: Limpo Mun’gomba and Tracy Kaoma from Lemerge Agency
Outfits: Kapasa Musonda (Mangishi Love) and Towani Clarke (Kutowa Design)
Assistant: Kunda Ruth Kakoma & Webby
Makeup: Chileshe Ngandu from Colorevolution Africa
Sponsorship:  Special thanks to a donation from Autoworld Limited which helped make the shoot possible


  1. OMG it was worth the wait!!they look amazing…now time to falunt them lol :)

  2. Ooh I forgot the make up…smoking hot!so were the outfits

  3. Wow!! This is simply stunning!! I adore the bold colours and prints – congrats on your magazine cover too! xx

  4. AMAZING!!! ugh, you super talented being you!

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